Have you always thought why mosquitoes bite some people more than they do others? There are many different activities for the same. Everyone will agree that mosquitoes are a real nuisance. Not only that, but they can cause several diseases.

It is necessary that you rid your house or backyard of these annoying pests. For this, you can hire some of the best mosquito control services in Rosenberg. With the correct professionals, you can stay safe from deadly diseases that are caused by mosquitoes.

Dark Colors

The most common thing that attracts mosquitoes is dark colors. You may have seen that you are surrounded by mosquitoes, mostly while you are wearing dark-colored clothes. They are highly visual pests, and they target victims who mostly wear dark apparel. Therefore, the color of your apparel is the first factor in attracting mosquitoes.

Blood Type

Mosquitoes feed on blood as well as nectar because they require protein for reproduction. What most people do not know that mosquitoes are more attracted to certain blood types. The blood types mosquitoes are inclined towards are O more than A / B. Majority of the people have a secretion which specifies their blood type, which is how mosquitoes get attracted.

mosquito control services in Rosenberg


People who consume alcohol are also a huge target for mosquitoes. There is a chemical secretion as well as the alcohol smell that is emitted from a person, which attracts mosquitoes. This is why you will see that people who are under the influence of alcohol are quite prone to mosquito bites.


Mosquito bites can be very dangerous for your health and should not be taken lightly in any manner. If you feel that your house has a mosquito infestation, then it would be a wise decision to call a professional mosquito control service. Without proper steps, you can find yourself infected with certain diseases.